[BiturboS4] morals and ethics...

Kjos' fastwheels3 at attbi.com
Thu Jan 30 18:43:38 EST 2003

Like they've given up on turbos????? Come on!!! Have they cancelled RS6
production and RS4 plans? Don't think so.

The new V8 S4 looks like it's superior in every way (performance speaking
here not looks) to the current S4. Man, what a great loss. Hey, it looks
like they even have a decent 6-speed now. This has got to be hard to take.

John Kjos

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> >I realize this was aimed at Wally, but I had to chime in. You're not
> >screwing the dealer, the costs are passed along to Audi. These high costs
> >are affecting future product design decisions.
> >Why didn't Audi put a 3.0l TT in the B6 S4? Hmmm, makes you think.
> >You're also affecting the service all S4 owners are receiving. Stock S4
> >owners are being scrutinized like never before (around warranty work)
> >because of all of the fraudulent claims being made.
> >
> you called it man. absolutely corract.
> that's why we're stuck with a NA V8 in the new S4.  :(
> 01 S4, Imola, Moral High-ground edition
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