[BiturboS4] ESP and headlights

billbachman at att.net billbachman at att.net
Fri Jan 31 14:03:41 EST 2003

You just had some bad luck.  I've noticed no inherent problems with German

79 VW Sciroco
98.5 Audi A4 2.8Q
2002 Audi S4
74 BMW R90S
76 BMW R90S
83 BWM R100RS
94 BMW K75S
96 BMW K1100LT (Speedo/Tach unit replaced)


> In my experience, German cars in general are notorious for poor electrical
> systems.  My last VW (a 2000 GTI) had burned out tail lights, burned out rear
> window spray nozzle, burned out cruise control switch, and burned out window
> regulators.  The tail lights and window regulators burned out more than once.

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