[BiturboS4] ESP and headlights

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Jan 31 09:54:50 EST 2003

Michael Benno writes:
> yes, but I thought the HID lights require relativly low amps once the arc is lit.
>>  David Lau <toomanycars at mac.com> wrote:Don't you think it's simply voltage drop from a sudden high current demand?
>> Think about it: The ESP duplicates a pretty big stomp on the brakes to 1 or
>> more wheels, doesn't it? That energy comes from, what, the ABS pump
>> electrically applying a brake? ...not your foot, obviously. That could be,
>> say, a 50-amp draw, which is like 25% of what it takes to start the engine,
>> which we know dims the lights!

Yeah, but it's not the lights that are creating the current draw and
consequent voltage drop.  It's the ABS hydraulic modulator.  As the
voltage drops, your headlight would dim a bit.

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