[BiturboS4] ESP and headlights

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Jan 31 11:58:11 EST 2003

Green-man, you're too cruel.  I think we've all slammed Carter
sufficiently at this point.  Carter - no hard feelings, the Green-man
just couldn't resist.  Many of us have enjoyed his tongue lashings on
the list.  Nothing personal.  A good S4 driving weekend to all listers.
Mine's back from its latest trip to the body shop and I'm ready for a
road trip.  Yee-Ha S4 cowboys, saddle up.  John M. Harrison  Silver S4
Avant - much prettier than these new-fangled S4's, I must say.

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>My mom's BMW 325Ci has had various minor electrical problems.

yeah, but did she steal it??   ;P



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