Fwd: Re: [BiturboS4] S4 without a turbo? (was.. something else)

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Fri Jan 31 15:02:01 EST 2003

>I doubt it.  340hp out of a 4.2L V8 is a moderately high
state of
>naturally aspirated tune.  It's got an 11.0:1 compression
ratio which
>is not exactly well-suited to turbo use.  12 pounds of boost
on that
>motor would be ping city.

I would have to agree. You arent going to be able to get that
kinda boost into an engine with that much compression
already. BUT I seem to remember seeing a bolt on kit for the
VW VR6... If I remember correctly it was really low boost.
Something like 4psi. Sure, its not going to give you an extra
150 HP, but it could in theory give you 50-75HP. Add in an
exhaust.. and yes.. You should have an S4 with just over
400HP. But I guess we need to convince the right people to
build us this kit. APR? what do you think?



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