[BiturboS4] happier 4th

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Fri Jul 4 11:24:00 EDT 2003

As you may remember.....
blown turbos (twice)
In the past month or so...

Picked up the car last night.
NO 'dentist drill'  sound this time.
sounds normal, but still smokes a bit
I guess those 6 quarts of oil into the exhaust will cause that...
hopeful a nice 'hot run' today will clear that up

runs good and solid, so maybe THIS time, it's a good thing
one thing scared the hell out of me (temporarily) however
as always, when I got it home, I pulled out my trusty Hex-Com
(for those of you not in the know, Ross-Tech's VAG-COM and cable)
A whole page of codes, ending in the one you get when power is dis-connected
I knew that they had disconnected the battery when doing the work, so I
that they had just spaced clearing the codes when they finished the turbos.
I cleared them and went for a nice drive to get adaptation codes back to all
So far, so good. All green now. Thank GOD for Uwe Ross!!!!

BUT, another 'kicker'
Remember that the tow driver F*@!%$ up the front end?
Picked up the car directly from the body shop yesterday....
They had painted the bumper cover black magic, NOT brilliant black!!!!
It looks weird with that metallic painted front end

So, it has to go back in on Monday to be re-painted.
Hopefully, that will FINALLY be the end to this saga!!

Richard Ness

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