[BiturboS4] Cleaning Alcantera?

John Chase jchase at aprco.net
Thu Jul 17 12:59:41 EDT 2003

Jim, not sure where you got your info, but the dealership recommended
that I use steam and they look better than when I bought my (used) car
Just my 2 cents.


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BTW, this was in the cleaning pointer from David:

"In case of dry cleaning, trichloroethylene must not be used
and direct contact with steam machines must be avoided.
The use of the "spray extraction machine" is allowed only
at low temperature."

Watch that steam cleaning!


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  I just had my Alcantera steam cleaned for about $20, it worked nicely.
On another note, I would like to see pictures and heard feedback on the
Alcantera in people's cars. There is never a day when I don't notice my
back sweating, even with a collared shirt on and the A/C turned to 71F.
I don't' get it, I'm 26, fit and typicall don't sweat unless I'm really
active. My driver seat looks more and more worn everyday and I'm
currently looking for seat covers for my "wonderful" seats. I've only
had my 01.5 s4 for about 2 months!!!

There is a problem with my driver's side seat heater not coming on, but
maybe the heater is broken and always on at a low setting or something.

I'd like to hear people's experiences with these seats. They look great,
but mine may soon have seat covers.



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My car was "invaded" by a raccoon a few days ago.  No hard damage, but a
lot of footprints on the seats.  Unfortunately, I had just had an oil
spill on my asphalt driveway, and of course, the raccoon walked through
that, first.

So, I have greasy, dirty, paw prints to get off my Alcantera.  I have
never had to clean the seats before, so I am open to recommendations as
to what is best for this mess, without damaging the Alcantera.  I do
have a Hoover carpet cleaner with upholstery attachments, if that is any

BTW, the same raccoon got accidentally locked overnight in my wife's
Olds Silhouette Van, and totally trashed it.  All the interior window
rubber was clawed off, chunks clawed out of the door panels, feces and
urine EVERYWHERE.  Bummer.  I'm off this morning to the insurance
drive-through, at least it's covered.  ;-(


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