[BiturboS4] 01 S4 oil cooler?

nicholas harteau s4 at ikami.com
Mon Jul 21 12:44:18 EDT 2003

I can't justify shelling out the $700 for the RS4 bolt-on oil cooler kit
for my S4.

So I was hoping to concoct something of my own.  Has anyone gone down
this road before?  I think I'd like to remove the coolant sandwich plate
all together and replace it with an appropriate sandwitch plate for the
oil cooler, dead-ending the coolant lines into each other.

Anyone have a part number or a suggestion for a place to start looking
for the right sandwich plate?

Suggestions for locating the cooler element?  Is there room in front of
the radiator?

I need to do some track days this fall, but hitting 260 degree oil temps
on a hot day are not my idea of fun.

nicholas harteau
nrh at ikami.com

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