[BiturboS4] 01 S4 oil cooler?

nicholas harteau s4 at ikami.com
Tue Jul 22 10:15:43 EDT 2003

I know that achtuning (.com) sells it.  It's a set of factory parts from
the RS4 that bolt in, basically a new sandwich plate, some hardlines,
and a long thin oil cooler that bolts at the bottom of the radiator.

Chris Newbold wrote:
> nicholas harteau said:
> > I can't justify shelling out the $700 for the RS4 bolt-on oil cooler kit
> > for my S4.
> >
> Hmm. Where did you find this option? As I'm planning my strategy for
> modding my S4 in the months and years to come, I'd like to use as many RS4
> bits as possible...
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nicholas harteau
nrh at ikami.com

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