[BiturboS4] New S4 V8's Avus wheels

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Jul 27 03:21:42 EDT 2003

I can't help but admire the subtle improvements Audi made to the
styling of the Avus wheels as equipped on the new S4 V8.  It's
18x8 ET39 shod with 235/40-18 tires, which *should* fit our S4 biturbos
perfectly.  The center cover portion of the wheel flares in smoothly,
and the "dimples" at the end of each spoke have more of a edgy
trapezoidal shape compared to the stock Avus on our cars.

I really would love to upgrade my S4 to these wheels if they could
be had for a reasonable price!  I know that the Avus is a heavy wheel
but I don't drive on the track or race, and I don't that going to
a lighter wheel would do much for me.  Also, since the Avus design
is now a "signature" of an Audi S car, it just looks right.

What do you all think?

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