[BiturboS4] Re: more hesitation... after a cold start..

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Mon Jun 2 18:44:16 EDT 2003

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Count me in on this hesitation too.  I find if I let the car idle for about
30 seconds or so before pulling out of the garage, and then ease into the
throttle and shift before 3000 rpm until it warms up a bit there's no hesitation.
But if I pull out of the garage right after starting and accelerate moderately
it bucks for a couple of seconds in 1st, then shifting into 2nd it behaves
normal from then on.

My theory is that it has something to do with people named David.  ;)

David Chapp

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> From: "David Bray" <brayd at rogers.com>
> Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 07:56:05 -0400
> To: "BiturboS4" <biturbos4 at audifans.com>
> Subject: RE: [BiturboS4] more hesitation... after a cold start..
> I've had this problem with mine since day 1 (2001 S4, Oct '00 build), and it
> was never really resolved.  However, I noticed that when I changed to
> synthetic oil last fall, AT MY OWN COST, the problem almost disappeared.
> It's now gradually coming back, but not nearly as severe as it was.
> IIRC, there were 4 other people who said they had the same problem:
>   Jeff Dowley, Jay Bartlett, William Safford &Anshuman
> Did you guys find any solution?  Anyone else?
> TIA,
> David

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