[BiturboS4] Re: more hesitation... after a cold start..

Aurangzeb M. Agha ama-list at mltp.com
Sun Jun 1 20:05:26 EDT 2003

Hi Nicholas --

While I had my '01 S4 (stock) in Athens, Greece (now I'm in Boston), I was
noticing the same thing.  In the evenings, the air got pretty chilly, and
I thought that was it.  What kind of temps are you realizing when you
start your car and notice the hesitation?  Does the car respond
differently if you start and run in warmer air?

I found that when I moved to Italy, where the climate was a bit warmer,
the car would start and run fine without any hesitation.

Another driving factor might be the quality of the gas you're feeding your
baby.  Greece is notorious for having filthy gasoline, no matter what
octane you put in.  Italy (land of Ferrari) on the other hand, has much
better quality gasoline (it's also twice as expensive!), so that might be
a factor.

Try putting in high-octane gas from a source you know to be clean; for
example, a Chevron or Shell versus a corner gas-store, and see if that
makes any difference.

Good luck.  Keep us updated.


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> Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 02:28:16 -0400 (EDT)
> From: "Nicholas Mistry" <nick at mistry.com>
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> Subject: [BiturboS4] more hesitation... after a cold start..
> Alright, this issue is starting to annoy me.  I posted a while back
> regarding hesitation in leisurly acceleration after the car has been
> sitting overnight.  This problem was very minor at 18k miles and now at
> 28k miles has become quite annoying.    I am not sure if it is the
> in temperature between boston and San Antonio, TX (where i recently
> relocated to), or a sign of age. My car is a 2001 S4, everything stock
> (soon to change)
> I know others have experienced this problem, but has anyone gotten it
> The hesitataion is only during the first 10 mins of driving, and happens
> under leisurly and exremely slow acceleration.   If i try to accelerate
> vigorously (which i know is bad since the oil is not sufficiently warmed
> up), the car bucks as it looses all power.
> The problem has become fairly repeatable since i have moved to texas.
> boston it was once or twice a month.  Now its every morning.
> I do hope there is a cure for this..
> -N

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