[BiturboS4] '01.5 S4 New Purchase + Alcantara, Stereo & No Front Plate Questions

John Chase jchase at aprco.net
Tue Jun 3 12:34:02 EDT 2003

Hi everyone,
   I've finally bought my first s-car - yes! I started out with a '73
Super Beetle in H.S. and then decided that "water-cooled" was a good
thing, bought a '97 mk3 Jetta and installed suspension for the first
time (Brillstein's and H&R's) to find that driving most definitely a
passion, not just a hobby. After the Jetta I picked up a 1990 Audi
Quattro Coupe, installed coil-overs and had everything that I wanted
except for power. After I landed my first "real" job out of college with
a decent salary it was time, time for the s-car. I opted for:

2001.5: Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, Enhanced Sport Package
Light Silver (with Audi tint, 32%) Stock
24k w/ <50K or '05 service plan

I love this car.

However, I do have a few minor problems and I was hoping that someone
might have a bit of insight.

1.) Alcantara Seat Problem
I really like these seats, but I've noticed one problem. When I'm
cruzing around following F360's (yes, this happened the other day on
Colorado Blvd. in Denver) or making WRX owners wish they had spent a bit
more, my back sweats a bit since I'm not using the A/C. This in turn
causes the Alcantara to get a bit wet and me sliding around in the seat
ruffs the suede up - suede doesn't like to get wet. So, how sound I
solve this annoying problem? How should I clean, attempt to smoothen, my
Italian Suede?

2.) Stereo sounds a bit off
It's possible that the guy who drive my car before me drove the speakers
a little too hard. I did have the dealer recode it so that it's not in
surround mode, but *they* think it sounds fine. I, on the other hand,
think something's up. The bass doesn't *hit* like I've witnessed THE
SAME STEREO output in an A4. There is a ton a bass even with all of my
stereo settings set at -0+, but it still doesn't *hit*. I think that the
speakers might be slightly damaged. I'm thinking of putting in a sub, if
I had the bass level that a normal A4/S4 system has then I wouldn't even
consider it. Any ideas out there?

3.) No Front Plate (I won't be parking at any meters)
Colorado law mandates two plates. Hmm, nah, that's not any fun. I'd like
to buy a new front plate panel and have it painted/clear-bra'ed and put
on. Anyone have one for sale or know where I could find one for a good
price? Has anyone installed this cover? Is it difficult?

Thanks guys. Enjoy your evening drive.

01 S4

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