[BiturboS4] RE: more hesitation... after a cold start..

Bill Coleman billc at usnr.com
Tue Jun 3 16:27:38 EDT 2003

Only problem is...

I don't know which of the parts they replaced actually
fixed the hesitation problem!

But they did say the codes stopped after replacing the
throttle body (not the boot, the throttle body itself).  As
I remember, the MAF was giving bad (low) readings,
which caused the ECU to lean out the mixture, which
caused the engine to knock, which caused the ECU
to back off the timing - which could lead to hesitation?

I just threw it out as a possibility, but maybe it will solve
some of the problems you've all been experiencing.


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> I'll be on my way to Howard Cooper with a printout of your email in hand
> soon.
> David
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> It's a long shot, but you could have them try swapping the
> mass air flow sensor.  After Howard Cooper replaced the
> throttle body (among other things) on my S4 it stopped
> throwing codes, but it still wasn't running quite right.  Then
> they tried the MAF and since then it's better than it's ever
> been, including the cold start hesitation that I used to have.
> Bill
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