[BiturboS4] Re: more hesitation... after a cold start..

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Wed Jun 4 04:49:48 EDT 2003

> While I had my '01 S4 (stock) in Athens, Greece (now I'm in Boston), I was
> noticing the same thing.  In the evenings, the air got pretty chilly, and
> I thought that was it.  What kind of temps are you realizing when you
> start your car and notice the hesitation?  Does the car respond
> differently if you start and run in warmer air?

Well i thought the same as you before i moved to Texas from Boston,
Massachusetts.  Right now the temps in the morning are betweeen 78-85F,
and on the weekends if i get up late the temps her can be up to 98F.
This is considerably warmer than what i was experiencing in boston.
40-60F  Was the usual temps i would experience the problem in.

Something strange that i have realized, i have never had the problem when
it was raining or after a rain.  Usually it happens on a dry day.  Dont
know if that is coincidence or something to consider.

> Another driving factor might be the quality of the gas you're feeding your
> baby.  Greece is notorious for having filthy gasoline, no matter what
> octane you put in.  Italy (land of Ferrari) on the other hand, has much
> better quality gasoline (it's also twice as expensive!), so that might be
> a factor.

Well, As i have a company mobil/exxon card i fill up w/ 93 mobil 80% of
the time and exxon 20% of the time.  I RARELY use another gas station.   I
did suspect the same as you in the beginning and switched locations for a
few months, then even tried texaco and shell 94 for a month..   But that
didnt seem to change anything.   For me.   I cant say that i was
completely scientific about it, but it was worth a shot.   Maby worth
trying again now that im texas.

> Try putting in high-octane gas from a source you know to be clean; for
> example, a Chevron or Shell versus a corner gas-store, and see if that
> makes any difference.

As stated above, Always 93 octane or better.

> Good luck.  Keep us updated.

Thanks for the info.  I will post once i take my car in for its 30k
service which is in about 1500 miles.  Since I am switching service
locations i am going to make a point to talk to the service manager and go
in depth about this problem.  Hopefully the (one?) dealer down here in San
Antonio, TX is as good as the ones @ Clair Porsche/Audi in Boston, MA.   (
Best service location in the Boston Area IMHO!! )


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