[BiturboS4] turbo gasket failure

tstifler at att.net tstifler at att.net
Wed Jun 4 13:00:12 EDT 2003

I also had a turbo gasket leak.  Did yours throw a code or cause any turbo
whistle ?

  I wasn't getting any codes, but I noticed it when driving close to a guard
rail or Jersey wall.  Under throttle I could hear a whooshing sound echo off
the wall.  I pressurized it and sure enough there was a big leaker on drivers
side turbo.  I couldn't even get my hand down to where the leak was.  Dealer
fixed it, but the bummer is that about the same time I started hearing a little
turbo whistle - when boost comes up - like in previous turbo cars.  But for the
first year of owning my S4, I never heard the turbos spool. Now, even after the
repair I hear 'em.  Do you guys hear your turbos spool up when your driving
with windows down ?
TStif '02

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