[BiturboS4] Recommended s4 sites -- Links Page?

John Chase jchase at aprco.net
Thu Jun 5 10:37:24 EDT 2003

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Thanks. I've been very involved with scars.com, audiworld.com and
audifans.com in the past, great sites. Do we have a links page up
somewhere (yahoo groups?) that we could update and organize interesting
sites? If not, would you guys be up for setting one up? It would
probably take 5 mins to do the html and then everyone could submit
worthy links to the list and if they were golden we could post them to
the links page... Just a thought..


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best site by far: audiworld.com (B5 S4 forum)

others (use search engine for web addresses):

Audiwerks, AudiS4 index, AudiS-Cars UK, Audizine, Champion Audi Racing,
Online Showoff, GermanCarFans,TopAudiSites.com, S-Cars.org

just a few for starters

John Chase <jchase at aprco.net> wrote:

I've been looking around a bit for s4 sites. Plus/minuses to chipping,
dynos with and without mods, eye candy, etc, etc.. Any suggestions?


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