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Are u referring to the APR Bi-pipe?

I have never heard of air leakage from a Y-pipe?

The APR Bi-pipe replaces the stock TBB and intercooler pipes.

Yes, they are a source of air leakage but more from torn TBBs than intercooler pipes. I understand that the F-hose is another source of air leakage too.

John Chase <jchase at aprco.net> wrote:
Were you chipped?


I heard from a reliable source that the LOUD turbo noise if from a
broken Y-pipe right on top of the motor. It gets ripped and then the
turbo over compensates for the air leakage and your turbos are WAY over
worked. Solution: replace Y-pipe with an aftermarket solution (apr makes
a good replacement).


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On the way home last night...
moderate to hard(er) acceleration, a little lurch and
boof!!! huge cloud of smoke out the back.
no turbo whine warning, just let go, or
at least I am assuming it is a turbo or related gasket.
Oil level was zip in no time and dripping out the tailpipe
also dripping under RH side of engine. I'm freaking because when it
went, I was on a bridge and couldn't safely pull over. Had to drive a
bit w/ oil warning on and I'm praying I didn't F-up the top end also.
NOT a good day!!

Damn kicker is the car has 42K but is over warranty in
time. I am hoping to work the 50/50 deal or talk to Todd
and just do it (right), but this is unexpected and 10K would
be a bit much to scratch up on short notice....

Richard Ness
richard at nessnet.com

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