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The APR bi-pipes HAVE been know to leak. A guy on AudiWorld did a pressure
test and found a pinhole leak in the middle of the pipe! And it's made of
metal! He has a picture of it - put a piece of tape (or band aid) over it.
I'll try to dig it up...He goes by Funkadelic on AudiWorld....try

Once again, IMHO bi-pipe is not worth it (expensive once you factor in labor
and not trouble free).


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>Are u referring to the APR Bi-pipe?
>I have never heard of air leakage from a Y-pipe?
>The APR Bi-pipe replaces the stock TBB and intercooler pipes.
>Yes, they are a source of air leakage but more from torn TBBs than
intercooler pipes. I understand that the F-hose is another source of air
leakage too.

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