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Unfortunately, it's not that simple. It really depends on the dealer that R=
ichard is in negotiation regarding the 50/50 split.

I believe that I was the first one to make the list aware of Audi's 50/50 d=
eal for S4s that are "out of warranty" but have blown turbos. Because that =
was what happened to me a cpl of months ago (April 03).

Anyway, I approached the dealer about upgrading to K04s ( I would pay the d=
ifference in price btw K04s and K03s) and have the dealer install them. I w=
as told by this particular dealer (YBH Audi/VW in the Philly PA area) "NO W=
AY - The 50/50 deal is off."

Apparently, AoA gives the dealers MUCH lee-way when dealing with cars that =
are out of warranty (mine blew at 52.9k mi on my Y2K S4) with blown turbos.=
 It appeared to me that the dealer was the "mouthpiece" for AoA (AoA custom=
er service just parroted the dealer's line).

I consulted my attorney and he said 'you are at the mercy of AoA since the =
car is just out of warranty and there has been no documented evidence of ma=
nufacturer defect as demonstrated in a recall.'

I would also like to add that YBH was the dealer from which I purchased and=
 serviced my S4 during the factory warranty period - they had all the servi=
ce records and my car was STOCK.

Your advice makes sense - but one cannot say the same about the actions of =
Audi dealers.


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Richard, if you want to save $$$ then take a hard look at what the dealer w=
charge you even for 50/50 split. I think they charge ridiculous rates for
K03s...and the labor is expensive too. I've heard you can get K03s directly
from Europe for dirt cheap...and I'm sure you can find a tuner to install t=
turbos. Make a comparison to see for sure.
The Stage III would be awesome but it really comes down to $$$. Go for it if
you have the dough to blow.


>From: "Richard Ness"
>Subject: [BiturboS4] RE: it finally happened (update)
>Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 12:09:26 -0700
>Reply to Tstifler: MY: 2000
>Dealer is very willing to try to work the 50/50 (or better) deal with me
>so, I have a dilemma
>Do I do the frugal thing and go the dealer route and get 2 more K03s
>spend some money and get the same performing car as before back
>Or, do I do the radical thing and get Todd's (AWE) K04 kit, downpipes and
>exhaust and have 418 and TONS of torque.... but spend HUGE $$.
>I'm leaning towards the dealer because of $$, but the little red guy on the
>shoulder is still whispering in my ear. It's just a shame that I can't do
>both since
>the engine will be out of the car already..... damn!!
>Richard Ness
>richard at nessnet.com
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