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Jiffy (F-ing) Lube!!!!!

Come on bro !!! You are driving an S4 - treat it right!

For my Porsche 951, I usually order the filters from respected vendors over=
 the net and then go to my local "oil & filter changer" (Jiffy Lube can be =
counted in this under educated (on performance cars) group) and have them p=
ut MY filter on and add oil, I will do the same with the S4.

This way, I know what filter (just as importnat as the type of oil - in fac=
t - some believe more important) went on my car - not some "off the shelf s=
h*t that the local "oil &  filter changer" has in stock.

Good Luck.

Step88 <step88 at kc.rr.com> wrote:
I ordered the filters from germanautoparts.com, but they arrived in a box
from Adirondack Auto Brokers. The filter Part No. is W930/21 at $9.50 ea.
However, the description on the invoice has it as "Oil Filter, A4 V6". Is
anyone familiar with the W930/21 Part No.?

Thanks to all who responded.


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> Can I ask where you ordered them from, the price and the part number? I
> recently went to a Jiffy Lube to have my oil changed as I am recently out
> warranty. Not confidence inspiring watching them work. I think I'll take
> the time to do it myself next time.

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