[BiturboS4] 3rd AAOG - It's coming!!!

Brian at TouchTech Systems brian at touchtechsystems.com
Thu Jun 12 18:13:06 EDT 2003

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Do you have your RSVP¹s in yet?

Audi Club Northwest is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Audi Owners
This event is open to all Audi owners as well as family and friends!

Saturday June 21st 5pm!

Bison Creek Pizza
630 SW 153rd Burien, WA
Phone: 206-244-8825

What to Eat:
$8.50 = All You Can Eat! - This will help to ensure that everyone can eat at
the same time!
Includes salad bar, soup, garlic bread, pizza & soda!
Beer & Wine are extra.

Located on the south western tip of Burien's "downtown," Bison Creek Pizza
is a quick jaunt from any destination:

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