[BiturboS4] MY blown turbo story (continued)

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Mon Jun 16 10:51:52 EDT 2003

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Why don't you have them install some downpipes for you while they have the
engine out? You'll satisfy part of your yearning for more power :)
>From: "Richard Ness"
>Subject: [BiturboS4] MY blown turbo story (continued)
>Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 15:31:52 -0700
>The latest chapter in my blown turbo saga....
>Being on good terms with my dealer's Service Manager paid off.
>He went to bat for be and Audi has agreed to pick up 75% of the
>(out of warranty) repairs.
>So, I guess I'll have to wait longer to do K04's. etc....
>Part of me really wanted to feel that 418HP.... oh well....
>Parts ordered, be in Tues-Wed, car will be back late next week unless
>the lack of oil caused other damage... THIS is why I thought the dealer
>be the more prudent course of action. If the bottom or top end has
>problems, it could get REAL expensive and 25% of THAT still could be $$....
>Richard Ness
>richard at nessnet.com
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