[BiturboS4] Pirelli P6000

Marc A. Abernethy mabernethy at lotteryusa.com
Tue Jun 17 23:05:46 EDT 2003

If you think the P6000 are loud, do not try the SO3.  At 50 mph they vibrate everything
in the car.  I have tried a bunch of stuff with not luck.

I found that if I drive 90 mph everywhere you can't hear the tire noise over my wife's
screaming.  Seems to have fixed the problem.


Nicholas Mistry wrote:

> I agree the P6000s are extremely loud.   One thing to note, after having NTB do an
> accurate balance on all tires, and setting the tire pressure correctly on all 4
> tires the noise decreased SIGNIFICANTLY.   Also, i found that 90% of my noise came
> from one tire that had worn more than the other 4 (tire pressure?).   After
> swapping that one out for the one in the trunk, the noise level was at a reasonable
> level.
> This was done at the end of April, and now (early June) i am starting to notice
> that i am cranking my radio up again.
> I also noticed that when i ran higher tire pressures the noise level was decreased.
>  I discovered this after my road trip to Texas from Boston.  My brother and I were
> bringing down lots of gear so i added an extra few PSI  to the tires beforehand.
> This gave the car quite different ride, but decreased the level of road noise.
> IMHO, these tires are a royal pain in the A**.  Definitely not worth the effort
> they require to keep the driver happy.  So far 4 of the 5 tires have been replaced,
> due to welts, road damage, or premature wear.   I am looking forward to the day i
> get rid of them and equip my baby w/ a proper set of shoes.
> -n
> > Hello,
> >   Man I dread summer when I have to take off my nice quiet snows and put on
> > these ridiculously loud hard tires back on the car. I literally have to
> > blast the stereo to hear it. I you run your hand over the tire, the leading
> > edge of the tire lug is higher. The dealer says thats too bad and there is
> > nothing to do about it. They only have about 20k miles on them and seem to
> > be wearing very well unfortunately\
> >   I would buy another kind but don't want to end up with the same situation.
> >   Any suggestions??
> >
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