[BiturboS4] Tire Experience

TStifler tstifler at att.net
Wed Jun 18 13:36:41 EDT 2003

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My new tire experience:
I just replaced my Pilot Sports after 32K miles (of nice even wear) with th=
e new Goodyear F1 G3/D3 - 225/45 on stock rims.  I am amazed at how they do=
n't feel as nice as the Pilot Sports did when cornering.  I can only guess =
it's sidewall flex, as the car has the wiggling float feel if I weave the s=
teering wheel at moderate speed.  Car feels like I took the Nuespeed sway b=
ar off.  The shop had 32 psi in them.  I raised that to 36 and now 40psi an=
d they still feel like they roll ??  This is my first new tires on a sports=
 car, so I have no past experience with tires and I'm not an expert on tire=
 issues in any way - just surprised at how lousy they corner.  I'm just a h=
ard commuter - no track stuff.   I like the tread pattern and Tire Rack rat=
ings were good - although only a few hundred thousand miles of history rati=
ngs.  They seem wider as they stick out slightly beyond the rim providing s=
ome rim protection, but actually I don't care for that bulky look.  I'm won=
dering after 400 miles, how to unload them with out taking too bad of a bea=
ting.  I am going back to the Pilot Sports.


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