[BiturboS4] Direct drive shifter thingy

Marc A. Abernethy mabernethy at lotteryusa.com
Wed Jun 18 21:23:46 EDT 2003

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Bad things... hmmm let me think.  Well, it was expensive.  I has only two
doors.  Mickey Mouse may be the only person to fit in the back seat.  Those
pretty 19" rims look really expensive if you were to hit a curb.  Only two
wheel drive.

I didn't get to drive the SMG version.  They are getting one in a couple days
and will call me.  I really liked the car.  It looks and drives great.  I ws a
little surprised that you really had to wind it up to get power out of it.  It
does make some good sounds when you do stand on it.  The shifts seemed really
long.  But I am comparing it to mine with a short shift kit.  Not to mention
the SMG would fix that problem.

I really think Audi is going to miss the boat without a semi manual gearbox.
There are some days I don't really feel like shifting but I am not a fan of
the Tip.  Sorry everyone with the Tip.  You will have to try a SMG to
understand.  I have not driven BMW's yet but I drove a Ferrari with the F1
paddles.  If the BMW's is half as good as Ferrari's I think Audi will lose a


California Fields wrote:

Marc, are you talking about the new (E46) M3? Please give more details on your
comparison with the chipped S4. I want to hear bad things about the M3 :)

Carter.>From: "Marc A. Abernethy"
>To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>Subject: [BiturboS4] Direct drive shifter thingy
>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:10:21 -0400
>OK I cannot remember what Audi is calling their "SMG". I hear a rumor
>that Audi was going to put it in the S4. Did anyone else hear this? If
>so, is there a time frame?
>I drove the new M3 and am digging it. Although you do have to wind the
>engine up to get power. My S4 with a chip has power right from 2500
>rpm. Also, rear drive in Cleveland is bad.
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