[BiturboS4] If only I had a car.....

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Fri Jun 20 11:33:48 EDT 2003

I would LOVE to be there.
If only Larson (Tacoma) would get my car done TODAY!!!!
(replace turbos and cats) It's been 2 weeks.....

Richard Ness


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Lets make this Saturday the Biggest Audi Gathering EVER! Seriously!

I=B9ve closed off the street just for us Audi Owners to fill and here is the
schedule for the Big day...

5:00pm  Start of the 3rd Annual Audi Owners Gathering -
              Make sure you get a Name Tag on & Fill out a Door Prize Card!
              (located @ the Audi Club NW Table)

7:00pm  Be in the Group Photo! (taken in the Small Audi Lot in front of
Bison Creek Pizza)

7:15pm  Start giving away the incredible Door Prizes!!

Of course throughout the event whether inside or outside you can enjoy the
=B3All you can Eat=B2 menu from Bison Creek Pizza, but please remember that=
the beer & wine must be enjoyed only inside (Burien Law).

Here is what I=B9m going to offer to get this started with a bang...

For the first 75 Audi Owners that come to the University Audi Display
(starting @ 5pm) you will receive an Audi R8 T-Shirt brought to you by
University Audi!

Also take pictures with your digital camera and after the event email the
good photos to me at audi at touchtechsystems.com. If I use them I=B9ll give y=
ou credit in the publications.

For more info visit  http://www.audiclubnw.org/annual_gathering.htm

See you all there!
Brian Presser '01 S4
Audi Club Northwest =AD Club Activities Director

TouchTech Systems, Inc.
Multimedia Specialists &
Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller
425-227-5310 ph.
425-227-5311 fax
brian at touchtechsystems.com

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