[BiturboS4] It Was 99 Degrees Here In The NE Part Of The USA and I Noticed Something........

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 21:42:31 EDT 2003

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Ever since my original K03 turbos and intercoolers were replaced by AoA, my=
 "after-run pump/fan" has been coming on after a hard run or high outside t=

This NEVER happened with my original K03s. I suspect the dealer put the cor=
rect temperature switch in the engine when they replaced the blown K03s bec=
ause many items were replaced along with the turbos & intercoolers - at no =
charge to me.

Like I said - prior to this - I NEVER heard the after-run pump/fan, no matt=
er how hard I ran my S4. The fan/pump is VERY NOTICEABLE now.

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