[BiturboS4] And... the saga continues (blown turbo)

Richard Ness richard at nessnet.com
Fri Jun 27 16:14:11 EDT 2003

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Trust me, I DID VAG-COM it immediately.... no codes..

An update..... when they were working on it the 1st time, I was talking to
the tech
working on the car. I asked him if the oil lines were replaced when he did
the turbos.
No was the answer..

Well, the service manager just called and the diagnosis was a "clogged oil
line".... (???)
you'all read between THOSE lines..... they for sure this time will be
replacing the
oil lines when they replace the turbos..... again..... for free!!

damn.... no new engine....

Richard Ness

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WOW - sorry to hear about your situation. When u got that 75% deal from the
Dealer & AoA, I must admit that I was kinda envious, but whoaaaa - not
anymore !!!!

What type of morons do they have for techs at that Dealership? After they
'fix' your S4 next time - I would VAG it - immediately upon receipt.

I would also go to an independent tuner if your hear any other noises - get
them to confirm your suspicions - and then return to the Dealer with their
diagnosis too - that's what I did when my turbo/intercooler was damaged.

I went to AWE (about 10 miles from my house) and let them do a diagnostic
for about $40 - then I marched into the dealer and told them about my turbo
problem and that it was confirmed by an outside tuner - they knew about AWE
- and then the Dealer
proposed my 50/50 deal (wish I could have gotten 75/25 though ;-) ).

Good luck and give those Dumb F**ks at the Dealer Hell !!!!

00 S4 (upgraded K03s - no problems after 2.5k miles - fingers crossed)
86 951 (126k mi - running strong - wink)

Richard Ness <richard at nessnet.com> wrote:

The next chapter....

As most of you know from previous posts, I had a turbo "grenade" about a
month ago.
Audi generously picked up 75% of the repair, so I couldn't go the K04,
exhaust etc, route.
BTW, when the turbo blew, it took out a cat, so they had to replace it as

So, I pick up the car Monday (this week) after Audi sent the wrong cat
twice, delaying the
job a week.... still quite a bit of smoke when in hard boost and here's the
" a fairly loud dentist's drill type whine".

So, I bring the car back in Tues with the complaint of the noise and the
continued smoking...
I make a big point about the noise and that maybe a seal wasn't installed
right and oil was
getting into the hot exhaust stream....

They keep the car all week and supposedly pulled the intercoolers and
cleaned them of oil....
The noise, they swear is "within normal" and the smoke is old oil in the
muffler and exhaust and
"take it for a good run and it will burn off eventually".

Well..... I pick up the car last night (Thurs) and decide to take it for
that "run"
not more than 10 minutes into it, BOOF!!!!, (I hear parts flying) and huge
cloud of smoke!!
Same side turbo is again toast. Oil everywhere, light comes on...

Damn, I sure wish they had listened to me (and I'm sure they wish they had
too) I towed the car
last night after the dealer was closed and stuck it right in front of the
main entrance, spewing oil
all over their nice clean pavement.

The kick in the head while I was down????

The f*#^%ng moron tow truck driver (flatbed) tore up the front bumper cover
real good dragging the front of the
car across my driveway.

Needless to say, I was PISSED last evening.... even the dogs stayed out of
my way

Dealer is very apologetic this morning and "will take care of everything
very quickly" The only reason I'm
not tearing the service manager's face off is that he is solely responsible
for getting the 75% from Audi
and I can't light into someone that took care of me very well in the past,
(or at least not yet anyway)....

I think I need a new (whole) engine at this point..... on THEIR dime!!!!!! I
also called my body shop and they are
stopping by and writing a sheet on the front and presenting it to the
Or, if asked for ANY additional $$, they will be talking to an attorney
(mine) within the hour.

No more Mr. Nice guy.....

Richard Ness

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