[BiturboS4] Leaky sunroof...

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Sat Jun 28 13:00:30 EDT 2003

Hey all,
Happy summer. Its been a while since I have made any kinda post...

Anyhow. So I have a really annoying and hard to fix leaky sunroof. I wonder
if anyone else has seen any kind of problem.

This problem started about 15 months ago. Under heavy rain the sun roof
would leak water, and the water would end up on my CD changer. The
water seemed to be coming from up in the D pillar some place. the Audi
dealer blew the drain tubes out with air, and all was good.  A few months
latter my warranty expired.

6 weeks ago the the leak came back. The dealer blew out the lines again,
but said.. "Your lines are clear, there is something else wrong!" - Which,
yea, I had been telling them, and I was also not 100% convinced that the
problem was gone. F*ck. they want me to authorize 5 hours to remove my
interior. I hate this dealer. HATE. Its Pass and Weitz in Burlington MA. At
the point I am talking to AoA because this problem was "fixed" under
warranty, and not really fixed. After many calls they give me a decision.
Because I bought the car used, and not from an Audi dealer, they are not
going to help me. I am a bit frustrated about that, but I guess I gotta suck
it up. But I am going to take it to my independent.

The independent shop has pulled down part of my headliner. We can now
see the back of the sunroof pan. We cant see anything wrong with the pan,
but still water seems to come from some place on the top side of the pan.
The top side of the pan is against the roof so you can really see it.

My shop thinks there is something wrong with the drain system, and so
water is backing up over the top of the pan. I think there is something
wrong with the pan.

either way this is a total pain in the ass. My car has been in the shop for
2.5 weeks. At least its getting a rest from adding miles to it! (and getting to
drive my Porsche a little more)

Has anyone seen anything like this? Or does anyone know of any resources
that this problem could be looked up? Like a database of audi problems? I
cant be the only person to ever have this problem.



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