[BiturboS4] s4/rs4 for sale

John Clark toastmaster2k at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 1 21:24:51 EST 2003

I was recently surfing around on EBay and noticed something of great
interest... if you don't already own an S4 (sigh). Anyways, the seller of
this car has supposedly upgraded his 2001 S4 into an RS type by sinking a
reported 25K into it! That sounds about right for a stage 5 w/ 350 hp I
think. The auction doesn't appear to have any bids as of yet... but it
starts at 35K. It also appears to have low miles. The only photo of it is
poor, but the car appears to be white. If I remember correctly, the seller
is out of N.J. and I don't believe it has any guarentees. Check it out.

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