[BiturboS4] RS6 on the way

California Fields cfields72 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 6 15:22:28 EST 2003

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Did you win the lottery or something?
Carter Fields, San Francisco
2001.5, GIAC-X, Miltek 3" cat-back, Strat. shifter, Strat. DVs, A-pillar boost
>From: "Marc A. Abernethy"
>To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>Subject: [BiturboS4] RS6 on the way
>Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 23:32:57 -0500
>I just put a deposit down for a RS6. The last one at that dealer. It
>is hard to get too excited. The car is not due until December. I won't
>even order what I want on it until October.
>Does this mean that I won't be allowed on this list any longer?
>'01 S4
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