[BiturboS4] Boxster S Race - Streets of San Francicso

Jason Washing jwashing at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 11 12:09:01 EST 2003

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Nice Carter!! Sounds like you had a modern day Steve McQueen experience!

For all around usefulness and driving fun it's pretty tough to beat an S4. Having said that, I rented a boxster (non "s") with my fiancé late last year and drove all the way down Highway 1. I have never had a more memorable driving experience in my life! I went in to the whole weekend pretty haphazardly as I have always viewed Boxsters as "poser" cars. Was I ever wrong. I have never driven a car that so telepathically communicates with it's driver. I never found myself feeling that the car was underpowered (the gearing is perfect for the engine). Handling?? Forget it. The Boxster will eat an S4 for lunch as soon as the road begins to zig and zag. Steering, brakes, transmission, shifter, engine symphony, balance....all are in a different league than the S4.

But to your point Carter, the Boxster has a tough time once you factor in rain, snow, bikes, skis, shovels etc. No, we buy our cars for a different reason. We want it all. But as my little Boxster outing has shown me, I will never have it all until I have an S4 Avant (rather than my sedan) and a Boxster in the garage.

Happy motoring!!

P.S. Everyone do yourself a favor and figure out a way to get in one of those cars without a sales person in the car with you....you'll never forget it!


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