[BiturboS4] Boxster S Race - Streets of San Francicso

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Tue Mar 11 17:42:45 EST 2003

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A dealer made the mistake of tossing me the keys to the demo Boxster S when
they came out and sent me off alone.  All the dealers got the same demo
cars... silver, black top, most power options, partial leather seats is about
it as I recall.  Anyhow, 2nd gear, used throttle a bit early coming around a
corner on the way back to the dealer.... the back end rotated quickly
(oversteer), and was EASILY catchable.  And this was way before I had formal
driver's training let alone the instructor that I am now.  I was impressed.

Since then, I've gotten more used to sports cars and the Boxster S is
lacking.  Lacking in power.  The chassis is so good, it can easily handle
300-325 HP without difficulty.  The stock suspension is a bit soft, but order
the M 030 option or aftermarket and the car really is wonderful.  I have a
great S4 (lots of mods), but it's no Boxster on a twisty road.  In fact, when
ordering my 2002 Z06 Corvette I actually toyed with the idea of a Ruf 3400 or
converting a Boxster myself to the 911 engine.  About $90K later it might
equal the Z06 out of the box.  I figure I should probably not try to hock
myself for $40K extra (all I could really afford was the Z06 anyhow).  Now if
only Porsche made a Boxster S with 325+ HP, carbon fiber/leather options for
$70K..... sigh.

Mark Rosenkrantz  (still amazed what a GTiVR6 can fit inside with the seats
Marker510 at aol.com

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