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Matt Rooke

--- Dave Kase <desmo888 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 11:39:11 -0500
> Subject: [audi20v] Team Dynamics Wheel Group
> "Discount"
> To: "Audi 20V" <audi20v at rennlist.org>
> From: "Dave Kase" <desmo888 at comcast.net>
> I got the distributor of the Team Dynamics wheels to
> give the q-list a
> kind-of discount; free shipping.
> The biggest advantage is that you can then deal with
> the distributor
> directly.  This should solve the problem Paul had
> when he tried to
> purchase TD wheels.  Normally the distributor does
> not sell direct but
> with a group they will.
> The cool thing is damn near any wheel TD has can be
> put on our cars!  They
> have a ton of 4 x 108 wheels in stock.  If they
> don't have it in a 4 x 108
> they can custom drill a blank (if the blank is in
> stock).  It is "no big
> deal" according to the distributor.
> Anyway, you can check out the TD wheels at:
> www.rimstock.com and order
> them through www.colorworksmotorsport.com
> Tell them you are a quattro-list member and they
> should deal with you
> direct.
> ALSO, it appears the distributor does custom colors
> and graphis for the
> wheels as well as tire pacakges.  I'm waiting on a
> tire package quote
> right now.
> Dave K.
> '90 Cq - soon to be stylin'
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