[BiturboS4] fastest way to get the 2001.5 S4 service manual

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Fri Mar 21 16:03:31 EST 2003

Unfortunately i am in a bit of a rush, can anyone point me in the right
direction to getting quickly and economically getting the Service manual
for my 2001.5 S4.  My local service department charges too much.

In 2-3 weeks i am going on a road trip and i would like to wire up a
couple of accessories in the car, plus i also need to replace one of my
fog lamps (cracked from the winter).  This includes wiring things in the
cabin, and trunk.

I am sure several of you have hard wired your Valentine 1, if you guys
have any tips i would greatly appreciate it.

Rather than buying the whole cd, do you think it would better to go to my
local dealer and ask them for copies of pages out of their book?



ps. also... if anyone knows of a place in the boston area where i can get
a  replacement fog lamp assembly cheap,  please let me know!!!

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