[BiturboS4] fastest way to get the 2001.5 S4 service manual

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 21 14:29:02 EST 2003

--- Nicholas Mistry <nick at mistry.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately i am in a bit of a rush, can anyone
> point me in the right
> direction to getting quickly and economically
> getting the Service manual
> for my 2001.5 S4.  My local service department
> charges too much.

This place usually has the best prices, unless there
is a sale elsewhere:  http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/

> I am sure several of you have hard wired your
> Valentine 1, if you guys
> have any tips i would greatly appreciate it.

There is a blank slot on the fuse panel (side of
dash, just inside drivers door) with switched power.
I think there is a writeup on audiworld tech showing
the correct one, but with a voltmeter I managed to
find an empty slot.  Once you find the slot, a little
McGuyvering is required to attach the V1 hot lead.
Rather than trying to access the rear of the fuse
panel, I doctored up a fuse using a drill and a
dremel so that I could solder the V1 lead to one
end of the fuse.  Also, a spade lug of the correct
size would fit (make sure there is a fuse in the
circuit though). The ground can attach pretty much
anywhere in that area, just find a screw that buzzes
zero ohms to chassis ground.

Matt Rooke

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