[BiturboS4] Soundate SDS1 + DOCKAUDI plus Valentine V1 install..

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Sat Mar 22 04:27:45 EST 2003

Alright, thanks for the input on installing the Valentine V1.  Seems
pretty quick and easy for an install.  I will probably take a few pix and
post em up for those who would like to see.

Other than that i will also be installing the soundgate SDS1 and DOCKAUDI
as well.   That should be a smooth one too.  It seems that the hard part
is routing that LED and switch to where i want it, and running some RCA
cables to my trunk.    So far the the best place for the led and switch is
in that little well next to the E-Brake.  Out of the way.


The local installer is giving it to me for about $20 less than direct
from soundgate...  that includes install and tax.    Im going to opt to do
it myself, but its nice to have help in case i mess something up.

I am planning a road trip from Boston, MA to San Antonio, Texas.  With all
that driving I want to hook up an MP3 box in the trunk of my car to have
plenty of tunes to cruise.  There are several other options out there for
connecting RCA inputs into the Symphony, but i opted for this one b/c i
would also like to keep my cd changer functional.


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