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Stock offset is 45mm, not 35mm. The wheel is wider than stock though by .5".
I think the ideal offset for a 8" wheel is 35mm but 3mm is just a little
over .1" so the difference will be unnoticeable. Be careful if your car is
low. I had rubbing problems with 35mm offset 8x18 wheels when my car was
lowered by 1.3" in front. It is now about .5" lower than stock and I have
never has a wheel rub at that height. A 32mm offset wheel will rub slightly
more than a 35mm offset wheel. I'm assuming stock tire size of 225mm.

As I recall the OZ wheels are heavy too. I hear that wheel weight can make a
noticeable difference, but that is disputed by many. There was a test done
in a major car magazine about a year ago. they used 17-18lb. wheels (9-10
lbs. lighter) and Toyos (5-6 lbs lighter) on a S4 and said the difference
was very noticeable. OZ has a great reputation for quality so you could do
much worse.

John Kjos

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> I'm thinking of getting some OZ Superleggera wheels (18x8). I noticed that
> offset is 32mm versus 35mm stock. Will this change affect handling?  Will
> present a problem as far as fender rubbing is concerned? What about if
> with, say, a StopTech 332mm brake upgrade?  Thanks.
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