[BiturboS4] Brake Fluid

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Mar 28 08:43:14 EST 2003

Step88 writes:
> I'm getting ready to change the brake fluid in my S4 and I want to make sur=
> e I get the right stuff.  I've heard that the stock fluid doesn't hold up w=
> ell on the track and should therefore upgrade to something like Motul 600. =
>  I've also read that they are not recommended to replace silicone based flu=
> ids, but I can't determine if the stock fluid is silicone based.  Can someo=
> ne tell me if Motul 600 is compatible with the S4 system?  They also appear=
>  to have a couple of different kinds.  Any experience with any of them?

I don't have any personal experience on the Motul so I can't comment,
but the factory fluid is certainly not silicone-based.  You should not
use any silicone-based fluids in these cars.

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