[BiturboS4] RossTech VAG-COM - Worth The Price?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Mar 28 08:40:11 EST 2003

j y writes:
> Besides adjusting the door locks, Symphony radio, and
> security features (turning the "beep on /off" when
> using remote entry/exit)- what other features does the
> VAG-COM software provide for $199?


> Can I get engine readings? problems with boost? fuel
> pressure? air/fuel mixture outta whack, etc.?

Yes yes yes...

> Also, are the codes in everyday (english) language or
> must they be deciphered?

No, not in plain English.  Keep in mind that that VAG-COM is basically
a more user-friendly (and vastly less expensive) alternative to the
factory VAG-1551 service tool.  It is not designed primarily for
"performance tuning", but much of the raw data is all there for you
to decipher (and that is quite an appropriate term).

You'll need a copy of the Bentley CD service manual and become familiar
with it, and some experience/help from others to really appreciate what
a gem the tool can be.

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