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I've used them all and boiled them all, except for Castrol SRF, which I
swear by. Insanely expensive at $68 a can, but you do not need to bleed or
flush nearly as often, so it evens out over a year. Plus no worries on the
track...which is worth big $$s. Wet boiling point of 519 F kicks a##!

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> The critical points are wet boiling point, and DOT number. DOT 3 or DOT 4
> what you want, and NOT DOT 5. www.howstuffworks.com/question451.htm. DOT 5
> is typically used in cars that see infrequent use, such as show cars, and
> formulated to not absorb water. It is silicone-based, to achieve this
> resistance to water absorption. DOT 3/4 fluid is hygroscopic, which means
> absorbs water over time, hence the measurement of its wety boiling point.
> Being hygroscopic also makes it unsuitable for cars subject to prolonged
> inactivity. DOT 3/4 is what is traditionally used in street cars subjected
> to track conditions. Race use is usually DOT 4, but with a focus on dry
> boiling point, since racers typically change brake fluid as frequently as
> they change tires.
> Motul 600 is an excellent DOT 4 brake fluid, with a wet boiling point of
> 421oF. Other popular DOT 4 choices include ATE Super Blue and ATE Type 200
> Gold, wet boiling point of 392oF, identical except for color, makes
> easy. Ford Motorsport makes a popular DOT 3 High Performance Brake Fluid,
> with a wet boiling point of 401oF. Folklorre has it that these four are
> best from which to choose. I'm sure there are others of similar quality, I
> just don't yet know of them, nor of their suitability. HTH.
> -Ian Duff.
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> Step88 writes:
> > I'm getting ready to change the brake fluid in my S4 and I want to make
> sur=
> > e I get the right stuff.  I've heard that the stock fluid doesn't hold
> w=
> > ell on the track and should therefore upgrade to something like Motul
> =
> >  I've also read that they are not recommended to replace silicone based
> flu=
> > ids, but I can't determine if the stock fluid is silicone based.  Can
> someo=
> > ne tell me if Motul 600 is compatible with the S4 system?  They also
> appear=
> >  to have a couple of different kinds.  Any experience with any of them?
> I don't have any personal experience on the Motul so I can't comment,
> but the factory fluid is certainly not silicone-based.  You should not
> use any silicone-based fluids in these cars.
> -Ti
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