[BiturboS4] took a chance on some tires...

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Oddly enough, I had a set of Champiros on my last car (Saab). They were terrific in each of the ways you described. Keep us posted on how the work out on the S4.

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Subject: [BiturboS4] took a chance on some tires...


had zero time, and one of my REO40s was BALD on the outside edge. So, went
to Mavis Discount Tire to see what they might have (thought I might get
lucky and get some nice Continentals, Falkens, or the like).

Guys says, "nope, nothing like that. wanna see my economy tire?" I'm
thinking, "my azz i want that on this car son", but instead I say, "nah
that's ok man, can you order me something?"....he persists with "dude you
gotta check out this tire". the above 2 sentences were repeated a few more
times, when finallly I said, "ok, break it out man."

Then, I saw it. looked hot. aggressive tread pattern (uni-diractional
mounting), awesome rim protector protruberance. i flung it around the show
room for awhile. Sat on it, kicked it, punched the side walls. wore it as a
hat. it was nice. Z-rated, etc. Sidewall was nice and stiff.

I was sold. I looked at the gummy sticker on there and it said "Champiro".
Hmmm, never heard of that before. Hmmm. Made in Malaysia. "Well, hey, lotta
rubber there" i thought.

So I bought 4.

Had them for less than 1,000 miles so far. But I like them. HUGE improvement
over the REO40 Blowtenzas.

Too early to tell long term coolness.....But, they *are* sticky in the wet &
dry, handle great, and are not noisy.

'01 S4
Springtime Imola Glory


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