[BiturboS4] Toyo Proxes T1S

R Sherowsky sherowsky at adelphia.net
Fri May 2 08:32:35 EDT 2003

I just put the Proxes T1S on my S4.  They are no noisier than the P6000.
About the same sound level.  Better grip, but they do follow road
imperfections and grooves more.

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> While we're on the subject of tires and tire noise, I remember
> that the Toyo Proxes T1S were highly recommended by some on this
> list as an alternative to the Bridgestone S-03.  How does the
> Proxes fare in terms of tread noise?  Is it better or worse
> than the S-03?  Or for that matter, when compared to the stock
> Pirelli P6000?
> I thought that the P6000 on my car are relatively noisy and
> wouldn't mind a quieter tire when time comes for a change.
> However, I wouldn't want to give up dry and wet adhesion
> to trade for lower noise, either.
> Your experiences on this matter are welcome.
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