[BiturboS4] pilot sport All Season.

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Sat May 3 02:31:58 EDT 2003

I'll second that. My P6000s whined at 62. Michelins P S A/S MUCH
quieter. And wet traction? Had to hammer from Detroit to Saginaw
yesterday, and where traffic allowed, I felt secure at 70-80 in very
heavy rain. And snow? Drove home from Flint to Ann Arbor last February
after 6-8 inches fell. I'd ice raced the car on Saginaw Bay 2 weeks
earlier so I felt I knew what it would (and would not) do at the
limits. US23 was hard packed snow shoulder to shoulder, with only the
crown of the road visible to follow. Once past the sport utes, I found
I could go 60-65 with occasional (correctible) oversteer. Don't think
ESP ever cut in. Passed 4 snowplows, just like the Volvo commercial!


On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 02:07 PM, Josh Barone wrote:

> I just put on some Pilot Sport all seasons after my
> P6000 were wearing thin (19K).  They are 10 times a
> quiet. The lose a little in the cornering department
> but they make up for it in winter and wet traction.
> -Josh
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