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Sat May 3 12:55:24 EDT 2003

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I just put on a set of Toyo T1-S Proxes (225/40R18) on my new OZ Superleggera
(race silver color) on Thursday. Pretty funny to feel the difference because I
had on Dunlop Winter Sports (225/45R17) on my stock Avus wheels. So, not only
did I get some weight savings (about 10 lbs for the wheels and 5 lbs? for the
tires), I also got lower profile and much more grip.

Wow. Steering response is so quick and light...almost too easy (I wish I could
dial down the power steering some more). Car feels "lighter" on its feet...but
can't say definitively whether it's faster. Bumps are somewhat harsher but not
too bad. Grip is pretty good...but I haven't had time to really push it yet.
Need to find some nice off ramps over the weekend for some 4-wheel drifting
tests. My initial feeling is that I need to drop/tighten the suspension to
handle this new grip and steering response (and GIAC chip). Yet another place
to put my $$$...ugh.

I can't comment yet on tire noise because I haven't had much time for highway
driving...but my initial feeling is that the Toyos are fairly quiet. The
Winter Sports were quieter than the stock Michelin Pilot Sports - I'm guessing
because there's more cushy rubber in the Winter sports and less actual rubber
contacting the pavement (more grooves).  I ran Brigestone S-02 pole positions
(225/45R17) on my old VW GTI and they were fairly loud compared to the VW
stock wheels....but since it's a different car with different sound dampening
I really can't cross compare the Pole Positions with the Proxes.

What tire pressure to you guys run your tires at?


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