[BiturboS4] RE: AoA Buyback Offer - 2nd Round

Erik J. Engstrom engstrom at rawbw.com
Mon May 5 09:51:53 EDT 2003

After a somewhat restrained and concise letter with multiple terms and
conditions that I would find acceptable, Audi has decided to go with the
third and most serious requirement. They're going to buy the 2001 S4 back at
the price of payment + deposit + initiation fees, minus... nothing. This
isn't as good for me as having the fully optioned and feature loaded S4 in
perfect running order with an extended warranty, but it sure beats the
payments - mileage offer under arbitration guidelines.

Overall the team handling the closer has done a great job of keeping me
informed and super professional and polite. Their efforts at making me a
happy camper go a long way to diminish any ill feelings I've had from AoA
Customer Care.

Those of you out there with issues on your S4's... Stick with the issue,
write letters and be as polite as possible - it worked in my case to my
satisfaction, albeit a day before my lawyer changed from retained to


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