[BiturboS4] RE: AoA Buyback Offer - 2nd Round

Al Smith awsm123 at optonline.net
Mon May 5 11:57:24 EDT 2003

I am new to the list, and also a new owner of an 2001 S4 with
17000 miles.

       Curious what went wrong with your car?

       I bought the assured warranty that is supposed to kick
in after original warranty runs out.  I think I made the right

Al Smith Norwalk, CT
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> After a somewhat restrained and concise letter with multiple terms and
> conditions that I would find acceptable, Audi has decided to go with the
> third and most serious requirement. They're going to buy the 2001 S4 back
> the price of payment + deposit + initiation fees, minus... nothing. This
> isn't as good for me as having the fully optioned and feature loaded S4 in
> perfect running order with an extended warranty, but it sure beats the
> payments - mileage offer under arbitration guidelines.
> Overall the team handling the closer has done a great job of keeping me
> informed and super professional and polite. Their efforts at making me a
> happy camper go a long way to diminish any ill feelings I've had from AoA
> Customer Care.
> Those of you out there with issues on your S4's... Stick with the issue,
> write letters and be as polite as possible - it worked in my case to my
> satisfaction, albeit a day before my lawyer changed from retained to
> employed.
> Erik
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