[BiturboS4] Non-chipped S4 - Blown Turbos - Work Completed by Dealer - Final Update

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 16:38:48 EDT 2003

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To The List, For those who have been following this saga - the end is in si=
ght.The dealer informed me that my S4 has completed surgery and now it's ti=
me for the  bill. They also decided to compromise a bit further than they o=
riginally indicated.  The dealer installed two (2) new K03 turbos, and two =
new intercoolers for the price of one (1), plus labor ( i pay 50% of the to=
tal).  Originally, they quoted me $3350 for BOTH turbos + $711.00 for ONE n=
ew intercooler+ $55 for a new coolant reservoir (dealer claimed to discover=
 a major leak after taking engine out).   In a nutshell, my reduced costs a=
re as follows - Parts: $2275.50 (USD), Labor : $716.25, Total: $2996.75 (US=
D) + sales tax =3D $3176.36 I basically paid for new one turbo ($1575) and =
intercooler ($700) plus 50% of the total labor charge (to drop the engine, =
replace turbos, intercoolers and re-install). The coolant reservoir become =
a "N/C" along with 2 pages of gaskets, hoses, clamps, and "O" rings. Again,=
 I want to thank those who offered support off-line - VERY MUCH APPRECIATED=
! I have not decided to pay the bill and walk or to "push a little  harder"=
 with AoA. I will resolve by the end of the week - either way. Hopefully, t=
hese turbos will last beyond another 50k mi (I'm at 53004). Yes, I'm still =
interested in feedback from those who care to offer. jy

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