[BiturboS4] RE: AoA Buyback Offer - 2nd Round

Erik J. Engstrom engstrom at rawbw.com
Tue May 6 08:57:13 EDT 2003


Great to hear from you and welcome to the list. I don't have much time this
morning but in short, I've had five BMW's and I'm about to get my sixth.

seconds in a series of S curves to cause me to pull over. I had never
experienced an AWD car that switched through them so boldly. I recently
drove both the e46 M3 coupe and convertible in SMG2 and manual and I was not
very enthused.

My biturbo was a grand mistake. I went into the dealership (which also
handles VW's) to pickup a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg for my other half. I saw the
S4 in black and fell in love with the slightly throw-back masculine lines.
Console and controls got me too.

My S4 caused me few, if any problems until 32,000 miles. I'm still certain
that the problems could have been prevented with better in field service
support and training. I think the worst of the issues were related to rushed
repair work at the dealer. I still love the folks in the front at the
dealer, but I've grown ever certain that the back portion of the business
has varying levels of aptitude and I was shorted several times in that

Just little things like scraped bumpers, forgetting to top fluids, broken
biturbo engine covers, scratches in the hood and neglecting to clean the
plastic seat and mat covers out of the car after service. All of these
things can lead to a break down in overall quality. I think they just have
too many things going on and during the time my car was there the business
was suffering from major changes in ownership, mission, sales force and then
service. Plus the new series of cars coming out sucked away the best and
brightest during the times when the car needed more attention.

I don't think Audi makes an inferior product, but I do believe the Allroad
and S4 are two of the most exciting cars on the road. With the passing of
the BiTurbo, I'm frankly not very interested in any of their other products.
The new S4 mildly holds my interest, I just don't like the updated body.

For me the S4 will always hold a place - I expect I'll buy another used 2002
or 2001 S4 when the time is right. The car is simply too incredible and I
waited too long to modify the car from stock. For me the 2001 S4 will always
be the e30 Evo 3 M3 of Audi's line.

Welcome back to personal sanity Al, stay away from SUV's - leave that for
the wife or your brother-in-law.


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